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Card Φ

Card Φ is a series of miniatures for cards. The scores are released on cards and can be played on cards. New pieces in the series are released periodically and can be acquired directly from the composer. Collect them all!

Since space is limited, quite a bit of the score is left to inference. More explicit instructions are here for those who would like them.


The score is a simplified flow chart. There is no test to see which path to follow. Instead, when you should make what you think is the best musical choice. With each performance, you can explore different choices or settle into arrangements you particularly like.

Each panel represents a gesture; sequences of panels form phrases. If the arrowhead connecting two panels is solid, the gestures should be connected as fluidly as possible. If the arrowhead is an outline, take a breath or short pause to disconnect the gestures. A completely empty panel represents a longer rest.

In general, shapes are a fairly direct mapping of drawn shapes to finger motions on the card. The only exception is an x, which means to flick the card. Some motions involve the edge of the card, which is represented by a straight, narrow line.

Have fun.