Cristyn Magnus composer

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"Evidence from the Frog Story" (2000) six-channel recording

I remember taking trips to the zoo as a child. After a long day of wandering around in the scorching sun looking at somnolent animals, I would be exhausted and dissapointed. Chester the bear was the only one who moved, and he only moved when hoping for treats from a passing tour bus. As for the other animals--well, there wasn't much excitement from looking at shapeless lumps of fur that only occasionally twitched. The cool part about going to the zoo was never the zoo itself; it was always the journey. I have always loved riding south on the 163 where the road narrows to 2 lanes and trees close in on either side and where the sound of the tires against the pavement is a strangely musical tktktktktktkdtkdtkdtkdtkd.

This piece is made from sounds recorded while driving around San Diego in my old '86 Nissan Sentra (which my mechanic refused to ever fix again).